Summary of successful Demonstration Housing ‘with a site’ proposals

ECHO Housing, Lyneham

Location: Block 24 & 25 Section 38 Lyneham

Key Features:

  • Affordable rental housing

  • Partnering with Housing ACT to deliver the development.

  • Tenants will be involved in decision making of the design of the development

  • Dwelling layout follows universal design principles

  • Shared open green space


Micro Terraces and Terraces, Forrest

Location: Block 1 & 12 Section 27 Forrest

Key Features:

  • Two distinct building forms and housing typologies. 10 micro terraces (1-bedroom) and 4 regular terrace homes (3-bedroom)

  • Carbon neutral development

  • Rooftop private open space for micro terraces and shared outdoor recreation space

  • Micro terraces follow universal design principles where possible, with the regular terraces homes to meet adaptable housing standards.


Stellulata, Ainslie

Location: Block 6 Section 25 Ainslie
Key Features:

  • Small scale co-housing housing typology with a focus on ageing in place

  • Three 2-bedroom dwellings + one common dwelling with common facilities including kitchen, entertainment space, shared e-vehicle park and laundry for residents to socialise and build a sense of community

  • Outdoor communal facilities including a workshop and gardens

  • Solar passive development

  • Owners involved in decision making in the design of the development


Manor House, Griffith

Location: Block 6 Section 31 Griffith

Key Features:

  • Manor house housing typology

  • Four dwellings (2-3 bedrooms)

  • 51 per cent landscape plot ratio

  • Building footprint equivalent to that permitted in current RZ1 sites

  • Seeking to achieve ‘industry code+1’ energy and sustainability ratings


In Loco, Chifley

Location: Block 16 Section 27 Chifley

Key Features:

  • Ageing in place development

  • 3 dwellings (2-3 bedrooms)

  • Above code sustainability measures

  • Ground floors of dwellings to be accessible


Verdant Developments, Weston

Location: Block 2 Section 50 Weston

Key Features:

  • Dwelling designed for multi-generational living or people who require a level of care by incorporating flexible spaces

  • Energy efficient rating of 8 or more

  • Green roof

  • Where possible, incorporates universal design principles throughout the development