An ECHO member


An ECHO home

Chair receives certificate of Registration from the Minister for Housing, Ms Joy Burch


To be housed with ECHO you must:

  • have been approved and referred to ECHO by the ACT Social Housing Register after undergoing an eligibility assessment for Community or Affordable Housing (see 'useful links': ACT Housing income-based and 'affordable' eligibility )
  • become a member
  • attend an interview where applicants are able to ask questions to be sure that ECHO is an appropriate housing option for them
  • be able to demonstrate a capacity to live in tenant managed housing
  • be willing to participate in, and contribute to, the running of ECHO
  • be compatible with the ECHO community of tenants
  • sign an Occupancy or Tenancy Agreement (depending on which accommodation option you are offered).

To be housed with ECHO you must agree to pay:

  • two weeks rent paid in advance
  • For more information see: ECHO Fact sheet in 'Useful Links'.

14 April 2014